Jamye Shaw's designer swimsuits are truly like no other!   The designs, craftsmanship, quality of all components, and her attention to detail are keys to setting her work above her competitors.  The additional experience she has gained over the past ten years has enabled her to create even more exquisite designs.

She has managed to create styles that are appropriate for all ages and "looks" that satisfy all tastes for all needs.  She hand picks her own fabrics, which include the finest European fabrics, as well as the best domestic fabrics and accessories. Revolutionary fabrics and linings offer control and support, while being very comfortable and highly fashionable.  Some of the styles come with built-in foundations for more flattering enhancement.

Jamye's swimsuits are available in a multitude of colors, textures, and prints.  Decorative hardware and trimmings include metallic and colored rings, chains of various shapes and sizes, and assorted appliques.  There are also the very popular rhinestone rings that come in different sizes and colors. Special requests are even accepted for unique "one-of-a-kind" styles, trimmings, or hardware.  Jamye's rhinestone hardware has been custom designed and made especially for her by the well known Swarovski Crystal Company.  This company is the most reputable and sought after manufacturer in the world of the highest quality of hand-cut crystals. Their brilliance is second to none.

The designs of Jamye Shaw specialty swimwear incorporate many different colors, styles, and textures, while giving special attention to the details and trimmings.  Each and every suit has been constructed to offer incomparable quality, fit, style, and durablilty.  No one has been able to replicate the quality craftsmanship and unique fabrics and accessories that put her swimsuits in a league of their own.   Jamye's suits have been "often imitated, but never duplicated!"  
Join the growing list of satisfied customers who say, "Once you wear a Jamye Shaw swimsuit, you will never want another brand!"